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Welcome to Magisphere

Welcome to Magisphere, a setting guidebook for a Japanese-style fantasy world (like Sword World, Granblue Fantasy, etc) powered by the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG.

As Dungeon Masters and players, you will find everything you need to play in this setting within this wiki. Keep in mind that there are a number of mechanical changes that comes with setting-specific flavor changes from standard 5e. There are also high-quality and community-tested homebrew included to reinforce the anime feel.

Hey everyone, this is Tom letting you know that this project is completely free to use and will remain ad-free indefinitely.

I am currently designing my own tabletop/forum roleplaying game over at Terrasphere.

If you would like, I am open to working as a consultant or a creator on any print/digital RPG project, board games, or educational gamification! You can inbox me at ( or connect with me via Linkedin.

Why Magisphere?

As a setting, Magisphere's main appeal is that it's an animanga adaptation of D&D 5th Edition. It offers many elements commonly found in Japanese fantasy settings, such as Magitech, high magic, low magic, survival, isekai, etc. This flexibility allows you to run games based on the World of Altera, where most of the flavor are tailored for, or for other anime/manga settings you come up with.

If you set your campaign in Altera, there are numerous regions, each with their own distinctive flavor and adventure. Do you want to include a lot of magitech? No problem! Just set your campaign in an earlier time period where Magitech was abundant. Or, set it in one of the regions where Magitech stood the test of time.

If you are looking to customize the setting even more, set your campaign beyond Altera, limit specific races or classes, or modify their flavor and mechanic as needed.

Homebrew Content

Contained in this wiki is a collection of homebrew content that I have personally made or compiled such as revised classes, new subclasses, new spells, new visuals and class description, as well as variant rules designed to make your 5e games fit the Japanese fantasy settings.

House Ruleset

The house ruleset is used to further build on the anime fantasy feel. These rules mainly only apply to games ran by myself (Asch), but any DM can alter the list as they see fit to run the style of game they want.


All copyrighted contents in this Wiki belong to their rightful owner. The images used are owned by Cygames. D&D 5e content belongs to Wizards of the Coast.


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