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The Scholar

All Wizards dedicate themselves to the collection of knowledge in some form, be it out of a lust for power, the desire to do good in the world, or simply for fun. Scholars, however, almost exclusively ply their trade out of an unquenchable thirst for knowledge itself. Often following the path of a librarian, doctor, or artisan, these Scholars seek to discover all the secrets the world has to offer.

Homebrew: The "Scholar" wizard subclass was made by NotTheSmoooze and published on the unearthedarcana subreddit.

Scholarly Pursuits

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you gain proficiency with two types of artisan's tools of your choice.

Additionally, casting a spell as a ritual now only adds one minute to the casting time.

Flash Recall

Starting at 2nd level, you learn to plan for any situation. As a bonus action, you can replace one spell you have prepared with another spell from your spellbook.

You can't use this feature again until you finish a short or long rest. You must have access to your spellbook to use this feature.

When you reach 10th level, you can use Flash Recall twice between rests.

Inscribed Arcana

Starting at 6th level, you learn to lend your knowledge to others in the form of scrolls. When you cast a wizard spell with a casting time of less than 1 minute, you can increase its casting time to 1 minute. If you do so, you expend a spell slot, but none of the spell’s effects occur. Instead, you conjure a scroll, and the spell is imbued into the scroll for later use.

Any creature holding the scroll thereafter can use an action to activate the spell if the creature has an Intelligence score of at least 6. The spell is cast using your spellcasting ability, targeting the creature that activates the scroll. If the spell targets more than one creature, the creature that activates the scroll selects the additional targets. If the spell has an area of effect, it is centered on the scroll. If the spell’s range is self, it targets the creature that activates the scroll.

When you infuse a spell in this way, it must be used within 8 hours. After that time, it's magic fades and is wasted. You can have a limited number of infused spells at the same time. The number equals your Intelligence modifier (Minimum of 1)

Boundless Knowledge

Starting at 10th level, you can add half your proficiency bonus, rounded up, to any Intelligence check you make that doesn’t already include your proficiency bonus. Additionally, choose two of the following skills: Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, Religion. Your proficency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make using those skills if you are proficient in them.

The Endless Library

At 14th level, you add the demiplane spell to your spellbook, if it is not there already. You can cast demiplane without expending a spell slot.

Once you cast demiplane in this way, you can’t do so again until you finish a short or long rest, though you can still cast it normally using an available spell slot.

The first time you cast demiplane in this way, the demiplane takes the form of a seemingly endless library with a copy of anything you've ever read in the form of books lining the shelves. Whenever you read anything in future, a copy is immediately stored in the demiplane.