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Given their adventurous nature, this curious race can be found in many places. Like catfolks, krynns are adaptable and social people, allowing them to live harmoniously with other races. Though, their bovine features and strange physique makes them stand out anywhere. Krynns are highly sought after by warring Lords, mercenary corps, and adventuring guilds because of their intimidating looks, though not all krynns are as monstrously strong as they appear.

Krynn is just about the only race that can be fully integrated into dwarven society thanks to their deeply-entwined history. Legends says that krynns were originally a tribe of minotaurs whose sole mission was to find a Magisphere to immortalize their King. Their search led them into a trap by a demigod evil god, Barbatur who gave them an bovine humanoid form that was inferior to their minotaur body. He then imprisoned them in his labyrinth for hundreds of years.

When the dwarves discovered the maze by chance, they freed the the cursed minotaurs. In all of his fury, Barbatur declared war on the minotaurs and their savior, vowing to imprison them all for eternity. The battle lasted generations, until a group of krynn and dwarves managed to slay Barbatur. Finally obtaining their independence, the minotaur renamed themselves after the leader of the heroes, Krynn. Since then, krynns have developed an incredible friendship with dwarves as the two races shared their knowledge and culture with one another.

Racial Stats

T Traits
  • Ability Score: Your ability score is determined by your #Birthplace.
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 30 feet
  • Age: Krynns mature at the same rate as human and can live up to 90 years.
  • Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Krynnish.
F Features
  • Hypermetabolism. You require twice as much food as a normal medium sized creature. Your body stays heated at all time regardless of the temperature. You're naturally adapted to cold climates without winter gear.
  • Path Recall. You can retrace without error any path you have previously taken, with no ability check.
  • Natural Attacks. You have proficiency with your horns, which deal 1d6 piercing damage when you make a horn attack.
  • Charge. If you move at least 10 feet toward a target and hit it with a horn attack in the same turn, you deal an extra 1d6 piercing damage and you can shove the target 5 feet as a bonus action. You can apply this extra damage once per turn. At 11th level, when you shove a creature with Charge, you can push it 10 feet instead of 5. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.


Each of these birthplaces grants you an ability score and extra features specific to that particular environment. Use the traits and features below as an addition to the rest of your #Racial Stats

  • Plain: Charisma +2, Class Ability +1. Krynns who are native to plains are most suitable to live among other races. Their population mainly concentrates in major civilized areas. These krynns are more prepared to navigate complex interracial relations and a demanding city life.
  • Sea: Intelligence +2, Class Ability +1. born and grow up by the seaside or on the sea has a certain affinity with it. They commonly work as fisherman, sailor, diver, captain, or other jobs related to water.
  • Crag: Strength +2, Class Ability +1. Krynns natives to crags often reside in mountainous regions, near canyons, or other places where the terrain is rocky and difficult. This makes them hardy and powerful as strength is required to thrive in such an environment.
  • Frost: Constitution +2, Class Ability +1. Krynns who are native to cold environments are forced to be hardy. They tend to live on snowy peaks, tundra, or the frozen north. Having adapted to the harsh winter life, these krynns are excellent at enduring hardship beyond the cold.
  • Swamp: Wisdom +2, Class Ability +1. Krynns native to swamps and bogs tend to be reclusive, hidden away from civilization as they immerse themselves in the natural world, developing their spirituality, or communing with their surroundings.

Burly and Dysmorphic

Krynns possess distinctive bovine features that comes from their minotaur bloodline, this includes horns that comes in various shapes, textures, and lengths, and a pair of tapered bulb-shaped ears. However, male and female krynns look as if they belong to different races given their sexually dysmorphic nature.

  • Male: Male krynns averages around 7 feet and 330 pound. Although male krynns start out small during childhood, they develop a bulky frame and large musculature mid to late adolescence.
  • Female: Female krynn are generally much shorter than their male counterpart. They average around 5 feet in height and 200 pound in weight. Thanks to their favorable distribution, most female krynns are not obese despite their weight. There are rare cases where female krynns are as large as male krynns.

Cultured and Festive

Contrary to their boorish appearance, krynns are cultured people with a great deal of customs and traditions that share some similarities with those of the dwarves'. Unlike dwarves, however, krynns do not cling onto traditions and instead seek to evolve their way of life. Old customs that no longer make sense in the context of the times are changed or dropped entirely.

Krynns love to celebrate both their own holidays and other holidays that have nothing to do with them. They are festive and happy people who try to make the most of their short life. Krynns are also known to be gracious hosts, their custom places a huge emphasis on tending to the needs of their guests. Their incredible services makes krynn cities and businesses some of the most popular places for visitors and customers alike.

In general, krynns' open and social nature helps them make friends. However, they are also known to wear their emotions on their sleeve, their brashness and quick-tempered nature can lead them into unforeseen troubles.



Cursed with hypermetabolism, krynns consume a large amount of food. Just because they eat out of necessity does not mean they can eat just about anything. Krynns have extremely refined palates—they lust after the most exquisite cuisines. Many krynns grow bored without a massive diversity in food, however. They are as adventurous with their meals as they are with their lives. Krynn often explore food belonging to other cultures and pursue the strangest of ingredients to use in their cooking.

As a result of their food-obsessed culture, krynns have some of the most developed food industry anywhere. They often import grand and exotic ingredients to make salivating meals that cannot be sampled anywhere else. Krynns tend to make great chefs thanks to talent with food. Many krynns have made a fortune for themselves through culinary in all corners of the world.

Heroic Bloodline

Krynns treat legends as history—they practically worship past heroes as though they are gods. This heroic adoration reflects in their complete reverence of high-borns, whose blood are said to directly trace back to the heroes that had liberated them from Barbatur. Only high-borns can become the king or queen of a particular kingdom, the same blood are also prioritized in other high-social positions such as governance and religious leadership.

This reverence of blood has also led to nasty wars between krynn kingdoms. There have always been a dozen if not more high-born families, whose authority and legitimacy have clashed with one another, sparking bloody feuds that can resulted in major consequences. Regardless, most krynn warriors who pledge their alliance to a family would die serving as their sword and shield. To make matters worse, there are also krynns who unify under current heroes who are not connected to the old blood. It is the one area that can completely destabilize krynn society.

Krynn Names

Krynns of common-blood do take surname. Surnames are reserved solely for high-borns who belong to pre-established families. Krynn first names are based on Slavic names that favors -a and -ir ending.

  • Male Names: Agnla, Brugmir, Bretislav, Ctibir, Dragosek, Drakmir, Dharza, Kazamir, Milivoje, Nirikov, Radolak, Rugilar, Sarovnek, Svarakov, Trovir, Vastla, Yarvem
  • Female Names: Anca, Braesnir, Cicir, Drakir, Eleska, Enka, Irnaya, Jalena, Kalka, Lamretta, Milenka, Noraka, Pesha, Sana, Stoya, Takyat, Vrokya, Yaia, Zoja, Zvonimira
  • Last Names: (Reserved for high-borns only) Barholdt, Dzarka, Kazamir, Ervenm, Lycorva, Torvin, Kriska, Yaraven, etc.

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