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Player Races

Below is a list of playable races, some may include subraces that are very different than the main race.



Amazon is an enigmatic race of giantess who comes from a hidden islands unknown to man. They are strong warriors with an unshakable courage, but considering their culture and lack of exposure to the outside world, Amazons stick out like sore-thumbs. Even so, many set out to explore said world.


raceCatfolks are highly social people with feline features. They adapt to their environment quickly, allowing them to settle in all corners of the world. Catfolks are commonly seen running businesses and services. Their social nature allows them to build invaluable connections that helps them succeed wherever they go.


raceDrakyn are a race of proud draconic humanoids who were created to serve dragons long ago. Now, they have established a strong foothold in the world. Drakyn are obsessed with their draconic ancestry, which influences all aspects of their society and culture.


raceDwarves may lack height, but they are strong, hardy, and one of the most industrious people around. Despite their ability to settle anywhere, dwarves are slave to tradition, which also extends to those who are born outside of dwarven society. The dwarf is an old race as traces of their past glory can be discovered in many places.



Elves have appeared in many legends as the warden of the wilds and keeper of ancient secrets. These beautiful people keep to themselves as they pursue harmony with natural spirit. They are very stand-offish toward outsiders, but will interact with them if the situation calls for it. Elves are an uncommon sight in the world.


raceFaerin were once feared for their connection with powerful, ancient fae, though their history had led to the loss of their sovereignty. Now, they are fully integrated into other societies, often toiling away to enrich someone else. Life as a faerin is full of struggles, but they are hardy people.


raceHuman is the most populous and diverse race in the world, there is no such thing as a typical human. Given their short lives, they set out to accomplish greatness so their legacy may live on, build massive civilizations, and spread themselves wide. Their propensity makes it possible to find humans just about anywhere.



Krynn are hardy and proud people who are highly adaptable to their environment. Non-krynns are often intimidated by krynns' appearance, but their reputation as gracious host and great chefs make them desirable citizen anywhere. Krynns are mostly found in their own cities, dwarven cities or settlement or major metropolises.



Runebound were created as weapons in the Draconic War, they were quickly disposed of and abandoned post-war, left to be claimed by time. Once a blue moon, a runebound may wake up to a completely different world. Runebounds are quirky yet powerful, making them highly sought after commodity that treasure hunters often seek to recover.


raceWolfkin are tribal people who lives on the outskirt of civilizations. These wolf-like humanoids live for their clan, though they encourage their youths to go on adventures and acquire skills that might empower the clan. Wolfkin are often hired as guides or hunters who specialize in the wilds.

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