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Path of the Calamity

A barbarian of the Path of the Calamity is the counterpart of one of the Path of the Storm Herald. The former consider the latter a pitiful lot, their magic swirling around them uselessly rather than held within to empower them. When enraged, the earth's magic courses through them, transforming them from a person to a disaster. The earth shakes, the world trembles.

Homebrew: The "Path of the Calamity" barbarian subclass was made by Cometdance and published on the unearthedarcana subreddit.

Calamity Cleave

Starting at 3rd level, when you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack using Strength while you're raging, you can deal damage equal to your Strength modifier to each other creature within 5 feet of the creature that you hit except you.

Additionally, choose one of the following features to gain.

  • Seismic Eruption. Calamity Cleave inflicts fire damage, and you add your rage damage to the damage it deals.
  • Seismic Tremor. Calamity Cleave inflicts thunder damage, and you can cause the ground within 5 feet of the creature you hit to become difficult terrain until your rage ends.
  • Seismic Wave. Calamity Cleave inflicts bludgeoning damage, and you can push the creature you hit 5 feet away from you. If you do so, each creature damaged by Calamity Cleave is pushed 5 feet in the same direction as the creature.

Walking Disaster

Starting at 6th level, only destruction is left in your wake. Your melee weapon attacks using Strength deal double damage to objects and structures, and when you score a critical hit against a creature with such an attack, you can destroy a nonmagical weapon or shield that it's wielding.

High Magnitude

At 10th level, your body can barely contain your might. You can increase the range of Calamity Cleave by up to 10 feet, and the feature you gained from Calamity Cleave improves.

  • Seismic Eruption. You can use Calamity Cleave even when you miss with an attack, as if you hit the creature.
  • Seismic Tremor. You ignore any difficult terrain created by your Calamity Cleave, and the distance the ground becomes difficult terrain is equal to Calamity Cleave's range.
  • Seismic Wave. The distance the creature is pushed away from you is equal to Calamity Cleave's range, and each creature damaged by it is pushed the same distance.

End the World

At 14th level, you can use your action to start a calamity ritual. It takes 1 hour to perform, requires you to stand on earth and have the sky above you unobstructed, and is performed as if you were casting a spell. You radiate a cataclysmic aura that alerts every creature within 1 mile of you of the effect of the ritual and your location. When you complete the ritual, each structure on the ground within 1 mile of you takes 500 fire, 500 thunder, and 500 bludgeoning damage, ravaged by a magical manifestation of an eruption, tremor, and wave.

Alternatively, you can become a calamity when you rage. Until your rage ends, you gain each feature from Calamity Cleave, it deals fire, thunder, or bludgeoning damage, and when you use it, the creature you hit takes damage of the same type equal to your Strength modifier + rage damage.

Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.