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For millennia, the amazons and their hidden homeland have only existed in legends—yet little do people know that these giantesses dwell in a parallel dimension merely a touch from discovery. However, such a place has remained mostly concealed from the world of man.

Amazons have a mystifying origin that even they themselves debate over. According to stories passed down over the ages, amazons believe that Calypso, the Goddess of Hearth and Home, shaped their form from clay while Spiro, the God of Winds, breathed life into these shapes. However, after discovering that Spiro wished to weaponize her creation, Calypso created the forgotten isles to hide her creations from being used for war. Most amazons carry Calypso's mistrust of the outside world, doing everything in their power to shield their realm from outsiders. Only a few fortunate souls have ever been able to set foot on the isles and live to tell the tales.

Amazons who leave to explore the world of man are often either outcasts or doe-eyed adventurers afflicted with wanderlust. Leaving paradise, however, is a decision that amazons do not take lightly as few are ever welcomed back after their departure. Considering their insulated way of life, amazons possess a unique perspective of the world and their martial talents also solidify them as exceptional adventurers.

Racial Stats

T Traits
  • Ability Score: Strength +1, Origin +1, Class Ability +1
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 30 feet
  • Age: Amazons reach adulthood at the same rate as humans and can live up to 150 years. Once they reach adulthood, an amazons' appearance ages slowly allowing her to retain her beauty for a much longer time.
  • Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Amazonian.
F Features
  • Natural Athlete. You have proficiency in the Athletics skill.
  • Herculean Form. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
  • Origin. You gain a +1 in Dexterity (Troyes), Wisdom (Micaenes), Charisma (Epos), Constitution (Micaenes), or Intelligence (Galagos or the outside world) depending on your character's origin.
  • Defy Death. When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, you instead gain 1d10 temporary hit points until it is depleted by combat. After this ability has been used, you can't use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Exotic Beauty

Standing at around 7 to 8 feet tall and boasting large albeit well-defined muscles, amazon physique resembles the marble statues of antiquity. Like human, amazons vary in hair and eye colors, their skin tone ranges from dark tan to fair.

Despite their natural beauty and unique allure, amazons may appear highly intimidating—only the bravest of people dare approach these giantesses. Armors fitted for an amazon are often more expensive due to their the cost of extra materials and their insistence on mobility.

Driven Competitors

Most if not all Amazons believe that when they die, their deeds are judged by the gods. Those were distinguished in life are deemed worthy to enter Calypso's Hall of Glory. Those who fall short must reincarnate until they have proven themselves.

Their culture reflects this belief, forging them into fierce competitors in all aspects of life. They love to keep score, tallying their individual accomplishments and comparing themselves to others. Those who accumulate great deeds ascend the social ladder and earn wealth based on their status. Those who stagnate often end up at the bottom, filling the lowly stations.

Given that amazons do not keep their opinions to themselves, nasty rivalry runs rampant. At the same time, this thirst for victory drives them toward honing their skills and refining them. Drives and ambitions are two things which amazons do not lack. This competitive culture also leads to a meritocratic governance that put the most accomplished of amazons in power.


Most amazons subscribes to an unshakable ideology of fairness. Despite their need to win, amazons do not cheat. Those who are caught are often heavily punished or killed—for an amazon, honor is all.

In other aspects of life, amazons rely on one another and strive to do their part within their society. Despite their individualistic nature, an amazon's sense of duty will keep her from forsaking her service to society.

This attitude manifests even more strongly when amazons deal with other races—an amazon always pay their debt.


The Isles of Calypso is consisted of 6 islands, 5 of which are controlled by a nation state (Galagos, Ythica, Troyes, Micaenes, and Epos), each with their own unique culture and system of governance. The 6th island, Laedia is designated as their battleground, which ownership changes frequently. The constant conflicts between the nation states makes it necessary for all amazons to receive war training from a young age as many are expected to fight their sisters on the battlefield.

While outsiders may view the amazon internal warfare as needless bloodshed, it is one of a few ways through which an amazons can earn renown, claim wealth, and ascend her station within her insulated world. The continual war also keeps amazons honing their martial prowess in case their home ever get invaded. In these instances, the war is suspended as they deal with the more pressing circumstance.

Mystical Births

Amazon births happen in one of two ways. One, a baby may mysteriously appear in a temple or a forest and gets discovered. These children are taken in and raised by the entire community. Often time, two or three amazons take this youth as their own and mother or mentor them for life. Babies who are not discovered in time usually meet gruesome ends.

Two, although highly uncommon, Amazons may conceive a child with a male member of another humanoid race. However, the child will (without fail) be born as a full-blooded amazon and some very visible birthmark somewhere on their body. Amazons who possess a birthmark are often referred to as "lesser-borns" and are treated like second-class citizen in amazon society.

Amazon Names

Every Amazon has three names: a first name, an maternal name, and the name of their nation. Amazons' first name is based on Greek names. Xanathar's Guide to Everything has a section that gives the player a rollable table of 50 female Greek names on page 186.

When an Amazon reaches adulthood, she will often take the name of one of her surrogate mothers and shorten it to two letters, which can never be two consonants (they take the next available vowel in those scenarios) as a way to honor her family.

  • First Names: Aello, Ainia, Ainippe, Alcinoe, Alkaia, Amphithoe, Aristophane, Bremusa, Celaneo, Chiore, Clete, Clyemne, Deianeira, Diana, Doris, Echephyle, Eumache, Eunice, Euryleia, Harmothoe, Harmodias, Ianessa, Iphito, Kydoime, Lykopis, Lysippe, Molpadia, Okyale, Prothoe, Phylia, Pyrgomache, Tecmessa, Thraso, Toxaris, Valasca, Xanthippe, etc.
  • Maternal Name: Ha, Py, Am, Eu, Ia, To, etc.
  • Nation Title: of Galapos, of Ythica, of Troyes, of Micaenes, of Epos
  • Examples Dione Eu of Ythica, Ainippe Ec of Troyes, etc.

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