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lore The Magisphere is an unimaginably powerful artifact from which all life originated. The world was created when the original Magisphere broke. Its shards became stars, clusters of shards formed galaxy, and entire pieces came together to form all the planes of existence and the multiverse.

Eventually, powerful existences were born from its shard, becoming what we know as primals and more. Good or evil, they were all considered gods. These beings possessed inferior version of the original Magisphere, but that still gave them creation power. And so the world were filled with their creations.

Since the age of creation, the gods have come and go. The existence of Magispheres made deicide possible. And so Magispheres switched hands, new gods come and go. Eventually, the old gods fractured into two sides. One who wishes to reunite the Magispheres to form the original and learn about its divined purpose, while the other side believes doing so would plunge the world into chaos.

The gods fought endlessly until they reached a stalemate. Since then all the old gods went into slumber as a new generation gods began thriving. However, all of the Magispheres are available now are only a tiny fraction of the power they used to possess during the Era of the Old Gods.


A Magisphere is not necessary for gods, but legends have it that it is possible for someone who obtained a Magisphere to ascend to godhood. There have been a few cases where this has happened. A mortal somehow claimed a Magisphere and became a demigod and eventually evolved into a full-fledged god as they amass worshipers.